Five days… One should perhaps write a second post a tad sooner after the big comeback, don’t you think. Ah well, corona made a little visit. Probably. Head aches, coughing, sniffles, throat ache, fever… But it’s not that bad really. If it’s Covid-19 that is. I’m not so sure but the higher ups say it is so I suppose it is. Not that anyone took any tests because apparently we have stopped with that now. Unless we are dying or are already dead. So yeah, possibly corona, but likely not.

Anyway, kids are home because no one with the slightest symptom of a common cold is allowed in school. Do you have any idea how many kids sport a cold in this country in March? Like every fucking kid. How many kids do you think is in school? Yeah…. My oldest is 14. At his school 35% is missing. Ah yeah, just a matter of time before they close down the schools now, I suppose. Yay for having the kids at home all day every day. Mommy needs her alone time, that’s all I have to say about that. *someone save me please* (Yes, I get the whole isolation/quarantine/social alienation whatever thing but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.)

I think it’s kind of pretty.

Let’s talk scheduling. I suck at scheduling. I tried on my old blog but in the end it all ended up in some sort of unorganized mess. Not only that, but I got a bit (okey, a lot) stressed from always needing to produce. It became a chore. But despite that I have a plan. Ugh, maybe I am jinxing this. Ah, screw it, I’ll do it anyway. So, here’s my plan…

I’m thinking that I want to talk about manga. I read a lot of manga nowadays (still, who am I kidding). Having binge bought manga in absurdum last year but never really gotten to read it I have forbidden myself from buying more than a few every other month or so (also, no money anymore. We live on the subsistence level because of a few bad decisions my husband made *understatement of the next hundred years*) What better than to actually read what I got then. And, I’d like to talk about what I read. I suck a writing reviews but I am pretty good at spoiling plots and swoon over hot characters. So, manga Monday might be a thing.

I had a segment for a while on my old blog where I watched crappy anime. It was fun. I’m thinking I might take that up again. In short; look up all the anime that has a bad rating on MAL and/or Anilist and watch it. Do a review (yeah, yeah, a Lina review then. Impressions people, impressions.) and totally spare you the time to watch it. I had a lot of fun watching all the crap. And FYI, I actually have an opinion on Pupa that might surprise some people. AND, I read the manga…. So, Crappy Wednesday is a possibility.

Did you say Pupa?

My love for boys love is known and I like to write about it. I am a true fujoshi and I am not shy about it. My first anime ever watched was Sensitive Pornograph. Yup, suck on it. There will be boys kissing boys on this blog, it can’t be helped. Sometimes silly things but I actually have serious things to say too. And yeah, it is a problematic subject at times. Let’s leave it at that. I’m not sure it will have it’s own day or not, need to think about that.

As for the rest, well, let’s make it a mish mash of nice stuff. I might start to watch seasonal anime again. There might be reflections about that. I’m more likely to write about old stuff though because I have missed so much being absent but yeah (I really should stop writing yeah) who knows. I also am bipolar so there might be some posts about mental health/illness. I am not sure about it though because it became such a big part of my old blog and it took too much energy from me and stole much of the joy away in the end. I don’t really want to be that mentally ill person who writes dark and depressing posts even though I know how important those posts are.

Alright, this became long and probably messy and incoherent but you get the gist of it. I am gonna try and write regularly. Let’s pray corona stays away, unless it’s the fizzy, bubbly kind. Cheers!

Christophe has better taste than a simple Corona. He probably survives us all too.

4 thoughts on “Didn't I Start Off Just Great?!

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of manga lately too. It’s just convenient with all the chaos and quarantining. Schools are locked down in California, so no schools at the moment. I feel bad for the college grads because their graduations are postponed and no one knows if they’ll graduate this year.

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    1. Wow, that’s kind of harsh, not being able to graduate. They have closed down the uni’s and colleges and even high schools (the 16-18 year olds). They do get education on distance via the internet though so they will be able to graduate still. I really hope this corona thing will get better soon but I doubt it. Sometimes I feel like it sort of has gotten out of hand. Not in that it can’t be handled but in the way that people are panicking for all the wrong reasons. We should be able to live somewhat normal still but with a bit of caution. Imagine a world where everybody is in isolation all the time. It’s just not possible. Or something we want. At least not me.

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  2. Schools and colleges are shut down here too Lina-san.
    What an interesting way to start my first year of college right? Hahaha.
    Looking forward to the content you’re planning!
    (I’ve been trying to schedule but ended up going on hiatus after hiatus instead ahem….)
    More BL suggestion posts would be great too!

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    1. Oh, you started college, nice! What are you studying? (or perhaps the right word is did? What happens now?)

      Well, some BL content might be coming up… hopefully. 😎


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