Yeah, I said I wasn’t gonna do this but here I am, back in the black blogging hole again. You have probably forgotten all about me but hey, it’s okey, I would have forgotten about me too if I were you. I did after all delete my whole cyber life in one huge swoop last fall. All social media, every blog I ever owned (that hurt a bit, I must admit) and every contact to the outside world I ever had. (I’m sorry to all the people I hurt in the process. I know I was a shit head and lower than the lowest low life but life caught up with me and being bipolar is not an excuse but yeah, anyway. Life sucked and I couldn’t deal. So, there’s that.)

Okey, anyways, I’m back. I have no idea what to do with this new blog of mine and I have no idea if any of my old peers will even find their way back here (or if you want to) but I’ll welcome anyone who wants to join me in this little adventure of mine. I am way more stable than I have been in years so I might actually manage to uphold some sort of regularity to this madness (and not write too many outrageous posts). I might repost stuff I wrote on my old blog TinyUglyAnimal. (oh yeah, you might notice that my new address is So, litet means tiny, fult means ugly and djur means animal in my native language. Clever right? *extremely satisfied* Cause, you know, since I deleted the account I couldn’t get my old name back. I should have just deactivated it but that’s the way it goes when you are bipolar and can’t handle life.)

So, corona…

19 thoughts on “Guess Who's Back…

    1. Thank you! ❤ Well, life's life. I manage but over all I'd say it's a lot better than last time I was here. It was a tad bit chaotic then. Closing down all social media was the best thing I could do. 🙂


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